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Antikythera research 2014

An interview with Theotokis Theodoulou, which took place in order to discuss now on-going research...

The Late Bronze Age Shipwreck off the islet of Modi

... was first located in 2003 off the north rocky slopes of Modi.

Mapping the ancient ports of Lesbos

Ancient ports are a particularly significant part of maritime archaeology.

Nauticos site

Learn more about the deepest shipwreck in the eastern Mediterranean.

Interview with George F. Bass

Re-excavation of Cape Gelydonia shipwreck in 2010.

Southern Euboean Gulf Project

Learn more about an excavation of the Hellenistic shipwreck near Styra.

Survey in northern Sporades

Join project of the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Survey of 2010).

The Late Bronze Age Shipwreck off the islet of Modi

The Late Bronze Age shipwreck was first located in 2003 off the north rocky slopes of Modi. Research campaigns in 2005-2007 recorded and raised all visible ceramics...

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Underwater Survey in the southern Euboean Gulf

Survey work in the southern Euboean Gulf was organized by the Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology (HIMA) and the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities...

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The Nauticos Wreck

In 1999, during the search for an Israeli submarine, the Dakar, Nauticos Corporation discovered the cargo of a large merchant ship...

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The Cape Gelidonya Re-excavation

Half a century ago when underwater archaeology was still in its infancy, George F. Bass was entrusted with a project to excavate an entire wreck in situ. The wreck was located in 26-28 meters (86-92 ft)....

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The Northern Sporades Survey

The most recent survey in Greek territorial waters took place in the northern Sporades from September 24...

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The Southern Euboean Gulf Project

During June and July of 2010, the fourth archaeological season in southern Euboea was completed under the auspices of both...

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In 1928 Salomon Reinarch, a leading Hellenist, wrote:

The richest museum of antiquities in the world is still inaccessible to us. It lies at the bottom of the eastern Mediterranean.

Since then, maritime archaeology has made great progress. Please join our archaeologists as they explore the remnants of past lives found below the surface of the eastern Mediterranean.

20-10-2013 Welcome Mr. Agouridis

We are happy to officially welcome Christos Agouridis among our dear contributors. Christos is a director of an excavation of the Late Bronze Age Shipwreck off Modi. His team combines expertise in archaeology, conservation, architecture, photography, hydro-acoustics, geology, oceanography, marine biology and technology, all combined to achieve the best possible results. Dear Mr. Agouridis, thank you for your valuable and insightful contribution!

30-11-2012 EMMAF needs your opinion

We invite you to participate in our survey interviews, which are aimed on EMMAF improvements. Join us at facebook event or contact us: info@emmaf.org

01-12-2011 EMMAF introduces the new site

After long preparation, EMMAF's team is happy to introduce our newly redesigned and improved Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Archaeology Foundation website. Please feel free to browse and explore the site, its projects, galleries, documents, videos and make sure to sign up for access to exclusive material. We hope you enjoy the results of all our hard work.

01-12-2011 EMMAF proudly welcomes a new member to our Team: Dora Giannopoulou

Dora created the new design for EMMAF's web site. We have been working with Dora ever since the Foundation began and we finally welcome her to our team. We look forward to watching her professional growth among the other EMMAF team members.

01-12-2011 EMMAF expands its geographical focus to include Israel

Throughout its history the Israeli coast had been a crossroads and a busy trading route for many civilizations. Commercial, fishing, seafaring and naval warfare activities have left an abundance of archaeological remains and priceless artifacts. EMMAF is happy to expand its focus to this part of the eastern Mediterranean, which plays such a significant role in the study of ancient trade. We would like to welcome experienced lecturer, professor of maritime history and underwater archaeologist Ruthy Gertwagen to the EMMAF team. As director of the Israeli area, she will help us to take another step towards covering the whole eastern Mediterranean in a comprehensive manner.