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Underwater Survey in the southern Euboean Gulf

Survey work in the southern Euboean Gulf was organized by the Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology (HIMA) and the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities (EUA) of the Ministry of Culture with the aim to record and document both ancient and Byzantine shipwrecks. The first survey took place in 2006 and so far four research seasons have been conducted. During these seasons, the project's participants documented fifteen previously unknown underwater archaeological sites (including shipwrecks, cargoes and ceramic deposits). They also mapped and raised as samples more than two hundred individual finds (amphorae, anchors, table wares, etc.), all of which are currently undergoing conservation. The material recovered along with the results and conclusions of the project will be published in a forthcoming volume of the Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology’s periodical, ENALIA.

This survey is part of the Southern Euboean Gulf Project.

The Southern Euboean Gulf Project

During June and July of 2010, the fourth archaeological season in southern Euboea was completed under the auspices of both...

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The Cape Gelidonya Re-excavation

Half a century ago when underwater archaeology was still in its infancy, George F. Bass was entrusted with a project to excavate an entire wreck in situ. The wreck was located in 26-28 meters (86-92 ft)....

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The Late Bronze Age Shipwreck off the islet of Modi

The Late Bronze Age shipwreck was first located in 2003 off the north rocky slopes of Modi. Research campaigns in 2005-2007 recorded and raised all visible ceramics...

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The Northern Sporades Survey

The most recent survey in Greek territorial waters took place in the northern Sporades from September 24...

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The Nauticos Wreck

In 1999, during the search for an Israeli submarine, the Dakar, Nauticos Corporation discovered the cargo of a large merchant ship...

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